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Radicalization is a global problem today. Hundreds of thousands of refugees fled their homes toward Europe and other countries were vicitims of conflictsin which radical groups are active parties. Unfortunately, members of such groups could enter Germany and other European countries under the umbrella of seeking humanitarian help as refugees. Those persons become active in radical recruiting inside refugee camps, looking for weak vicitims of certain circumstances.


Humanitarian without Borders contributes in solving this problem in collaboration with the authorities and the refugee seeking population itself. The soltuion has two main parts:


•Reactive help: Our organization created a hotline using social media where any potential radicalization threat inside camps is reported and documented with audio and video proofs if possible. This report is then forwarded to the authoritities to handle the situation within the legal framework of Germany. This hotline is advertised and promoted continuously to the refugee camps community.


•Proactive help: this takes the form of constantly organizing informative sessions at refugee camps in order to clarify to this community the best ways to settle quickly and start a good life in order to reduce the possibilities of falling victims to the negative outlook dialog often used by radical propaganda. Moreover, we collect information on rejected cases, special health/humatirian cases, special legally complicated cases and present them to the authorities trying to find a solution so those persons do not feel left in the dark and later become victims to radical thinking and targeting.



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